How can a traditional process-driven brand be transformed to a fit-for-future people centred company?

The new digital services were designed with the driver and user in mind to facilitate easy use.

CPM goes customer centric across all touchpoints


CPM is undergoing a complete transformation into a service-driven company, aided by our design vision that focuses on the customer at every touchpoint.


Strategy process

A defined yet agile roadmap leads to a successful transformation.

Methods and Services

Experience Identity
Identity Strategy


Building a digital brand

Building on an analysis of the existing company touchpoints and processes we established a set of core components and libraries that serve as scalable building blocks for a successful gradual visual transformation both internally and externally.


The CPM Brand Guide was launched online for a fast access to the corporate design.


CPM launched a new app for all their drivers that was designed with customer centricity in mind.

Customer Centricity through user needs deep dive

Online questionnaires and interviews with various stakeholders helped to gain insights into the user needs and the optimal customer and service journeys. This was the foundation of the Driver APPs UX and Ui relaunch visually aligning to the new design system.
laptop frame
The new CPM Dashboard for maximum data overview.

Problem solving through clean and modern design

Putting the users needs first, the new client dashboard for mobility managers prioritises critical information into a smart and effective “get it in one glance” control panel.



Key focus of all communications is to deliver real value to existing and potential customers. The new online communication and content strategy enables the brand as an employer to close the circle between hiring, operations, sales and marketing. The design vision for the website acts as a north star for further implementation through the inhouse design team.


Rollout of the Social Media Campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Amazon.

Brand and sales vertical on social media

We help our clients to create content that is of benefit to their customers. B2B2Human.


Print marketing

In addition to the new online presence of the company, a complementary brochure was designed to highlight CPM’s services. As part of the communication and content marketing strategy we designed a design vision that serves as a template for whitepaper publications.


We worked together with "Tornschuhjette" to create a custom Sneaker for a trade fair.

Custom CPM Sneaker Design

CPM sales staff received a custom designed sneaker as a surprise gift for a trade show.


Enabled the client with design, tools and strategy. Created a consistent CPM brand universe based on customer centricity. Created a solid conceptual and visual foundation for growth and service excellence.