Persil Sneaker Clean

How can a traditional household brand gain relevance amongst the urban millennial audience?


Persil Sneaker Clean

A sneaker cleaning service on its journey from brand, service and marketing MVP to successful product as a Henkel business unit.

The Logo for Persil Sneaker Clean comes in three different variants for every use scenario.

Colour world

The minimal design contrasts a clean white palette with elements of bright red to create a visually compelling story of fresh and reinvigorated sneakers.

Methods and Services

Experience Identity
Identity Strategy
laptop frame
The Persil sneaker clean landingpage started as an MVP and TRNSFRMNG made it into a working product page.

MVP to service website

The website was iterated from first MVP to test the market readiness of the digital brand all the way through to fully operating service client dashboard.
3D renderings were made to support the rollout of the campaign


An Instagram Campaign was created using custom photographs.

Cross-channel Campaign

Social media content (creation) is central to reach a millennial target audience via TikTok, Insta, YouTube and Snapchat. A series of sneaker related videos together with a hip hop soundtrack was created and published. Long form articles were created and posted on blogs and media to gather further inbound traffic.


To support the Instagram rollout, a Out of Home campaign was created.

New target audience

The new service merges the trust and positive image of the Persil parent brand with an evolved, modern and urban branding for the younger generation.


Street style

Influencers and loyal customers were equipped with branded merch to help spread the word.


To push the immersion of the product the packaging was styled according to the new corporate design.


The Product contains several different pieces to clean your sneakers accordingly.


Developed a concept for a cleaning product range to establish the brand in high street sneaker stores in order to create higher visibility and further advance Persil Sneaker Cleans footprint with the sneaker market.


Opened up a new market segment that reaches a younger target audience within the wider Persil ecosystem through strategy, design, products and communication. Drafted, tested, rolled out and scaled digital service from idea to Henkel business unit.