GRIPS – Grid independent Power supply for less developed countries

How can we support creative energy solutions that enable companies from less developed countries to use sustainable, secure and reliable off grid energy?

Off grid sustainable energy

From energy shortage to easy and risk-free off grid access to reliable, sustainable energy this website shows you how.


Growing the brand

The brand’s existing identity was expanded, adding an accented font and hero colour as well as enhancing the assets for digital channels.
Every precise ci needs a color template. For Grips we started with a bright contrast yellow an hues of grey as supportive colors.
laptop frame
Grips Energy needed a compact an informative website so we advised a classic one-pager to keep all the information as centered as possible.

Website Launch

The new website picks up potential customers and interested parties exactly where their pain points are. It presents initial inspirations on how they can create sustainable and independent energy and offers appointments for individual consultancies on what suitable solutions could look like.

Methods and Services


Example of a grips site

CO2 neutral energy production for medium size business in Nairobi.


3D visualisations

The 3D visualisations show different possible energy setups as well as communicate the company’s USPs: (1) optimised CO2 footprint and less pollution (2) minimised financial, technological and operational risks, (3) increased reliability and a reduction of costs.
To further illustrate the Grips Process, TRNSFRMNG came up with a variety of different infographics and icons.


Sales Material

A handout for field workers explains the business model, accentuates the advantages and offers a 10-step guideline on why GRIPS is a good solution for your business.


Equipped with a future-ready website, communications material and strategies, GRIPS is ready to increase customer dialogue, leading to better conversion and ultimately to sales success. Added benefit: reduced CO2 pollution.