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    We are a fully remote agency

    Work isn’t somewhere you go, it’s something you do. Some of us like to work remotely, mainly from warm places. That´s cool.

    Although we all like to travel you can always meet some of us in Berlin

    Transforming Communications GmbH Linienstraße 62 10119 Berlin Germany

    and in Hamburg

    Transforming Communications GmbH Museumstraße 31 22765 Hamburg Germany


    We are always
    looking for
    brilliant people
    to work with. Send us your conversation starter. 

    Send us your creations in whatever form they take. Give us some context. We’d love to have a chat, to collaborate and iterate. It goes without saying that we are open to candidates of all backgrounds, circumstances and dimensions.

    Currently looking for:

    • Senior Artdirection
    • HR/People and Culture Manager
    • 3d Designer
    • Project Manager
    • UX Designer
    • UI Designer