How do you brand an investment fund start up at the forefront of urban building, infrastructure and connectivity?

B2B landing page responsiveness optimized for mobile devices with focus on user needs.

Branding an emerging UrbanTech VC


The Berlin based urban tech venture capital fund needed to develop its brand as an emerging player making an impact in the market.

We reimagined their website together with our partner agency CRTN, applied new creative branding to clarify their impactful messaging. Our social media templates and bespoke image pool now enable enhanced communication.

Logo 2bX pattern and hero colour system

The new colour system offers the client a clear and logical creative path, impacting audiences with a new logo and memorable highlight colour.




Templates for a multi social media channel campaign.

Social Media templates

A comprehensive toolbox of specialised social media templates empowered the client and their marketing agency partners to build meaningful traction throughout all their digital touchpoints.
laptop frame
Responsiveness optimized Webiste showing the b2b culture of 2BX

Design iteration

2bX’s existing designs were reimagined and a newly created branding was applied, planting them in a relaunched and programmed website together with our partner agency CRTN.


Merchandise is they cherry on top of a well designed ci rollout.

Stock image pool / Image language

In addition to the social media templates, the client is now equipped with a large on brand image pool to enhance their communication. This includes an icon set for the different business areas: CleanTech, ConTech, PropTech, Mobility, Smart City and Urban Delivery.


2bX now utilises a highly effective corporate identity and widely scalable toolbox for all their communications, and have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the European VC market.