How can a local energy provider future proof itself for the digital age?

To ease up the use for new and old customers a mobile hub was designed to sow all relevant information.

Stadt Lübben

Energy, gas and water for the Spreewald region

Together with our partner agency Communication Works, the traditional utility Stadtwerk Lübben was transformed into a digital service provider
ready for the smart grid.


New dynamic logo

The newly designed dynamic logo takes the traditional brand to the next level.

Colour world

A contemporary colour world was created within the framework of the existing identity, as well as custom templates for the new look of the carpool which subsequently went into production.
Car wrapping was designed to carry the new Lübben CI out to the city and to clarify the communal vehicles.

Methods and Services

Experience Identity
Identity Strategy


Website relaunch

The redesigned website positions the Stadtwerk Lübben as a modern and local energy provider. Supply services are increasingly digital, which makes it important for a municipal utility to demonstrate relevance and leadership.


CI applications

Implementation of the new CI representation at the roundabout in Lübben.


Example of possible CI applications on HR sales and brand campaign.


Illustrations were requested to outline the energy and water supply systematics for the Lübben town.
For the illustrations we worked out two variations one for summer and one for the winter period.


Illustration and content creation for infographics.


The Stadtwerke Lübben are now future ready for energy, water and internet with smart meters, smart grid and smart services. They have a branding framework and strategic mindset for a digital future. We facilitated their development to digitally literate and trusted supplier tailored to the modern needs of the market.