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welcome to trnsfrmng

We empower your company through transformational design, technology & thinking.

We optimize your strategy to empower business functions. Our user-centric process reframes decision-making to put customers first, fostering the most efficient connection to your clients. We unify thinking to activate internal collaboration, clarify external messaging and tell the world what you can really do. Sometimes we start small but the ambition is always huge.

Our work is your business.




You want to grow, to fix things, to look good.
To solve tricky problems, to use this one chance.

Some things need a refresh, others need a redesign. Drop this, start that. You love this thing, but it’s kind of a mess. What about the website? The logo? How do you communicate with customers these days? Well. You need a plan.

where do you even start?

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We do it together.
We use a proven process of strategic analysis, identity exploration and user-centric design to understand your business challenges and deliver optimised solutions.

We love collaborating through change, upgrading outdated technology and modernising thinking into agile responses to this changing world.

Our honest aim is to transform you enough that you won´t need us anymore.

shape animations

This is what we do. To help you to take the best next step and push your projects further.



Ein Laptop zeigt 5 Dimensionen zur strategischen Unternehmensausrichtung. Diese sind Marken Strategie, Produktservices, Marketing & Sales, People und Culture und Design. Sebastian Irrgang, Gründer of TRNSFRMNG, stellt die Unterscheide zwischen "Starting a Brand" und "Maturing a Brand" vor und erklärt die Positionierung der "Brand Orchestration". Der Strategische Markenprozess, dargestellt als Schaubild auf einem iPad. Der Prozess Das TRNSFRMNG Team erstellt einen "Rapid Prototype" nach der "Design Vision des Kuden. TRNSFRMNG Teammitglied denkt über ein Schaubild zum strategischen Designprozess nach und zeigt auf den baustein "Experience"

Take a look under the hood of our services and methods.

PHASE 00 / Discover

Strategy. How does it work?

We optimize your strategy to empower business functions. Our user-centric process reframes decision-making to put customers first, fostering the most efficient connection to your clients. We unify thinking to activate internal collaboration, clarify external messaging and tell the world what you can really do. Sometimes we start small but the ambition is always huge.


  • Status quo analysis,
  • Touchpoint audit
  • Market, competitor and benchmark analysis
  • Identify key trends (tech, society, culture etc.) as well as industry and market forces.


  • User research and interviews
  • User experience research
  • Persona development
  • User and customer journeys


  • Consulting clients in the topics of brand strategy and product strategy and driving them forward under consideration of various stakeholders, e.g. ideation for services or products or translation of brand positioning, into content, products, services and experiences — finding a common language and defining a shared vision
  • Capability building and enablement, e.g. working sessions and workshops
  • Change management: providing guidance for internal change processes (e.g. rebranding, re-organization etc.)


  • Strategic creation of a new brand identities and positionings (brand vision, mission, values, brand narrative)
  • Revolution/Evolution of an existing brand (to make it future proof, connect it to new customers etc.)
  • Development of brand orchestration in multi-brand setups (M&A)


  • Develop employer brand, content territories, channel strategy
  • External: develop strategic approach for awareness and recruiting (esp. German SMEs)
  • Internal: develop internal change communication


  • Identify communicative narrative (“Leitidee”) and translate it into differentiating content territories (based on persona & brand),
  • Use of share of voice and social listening in specific territories and identify niche topics for your brand.
  • Customer-centric alignment of the brand across all touchpoints
  • Holistic channel strategy: develop channel setup required to fulfil marketing objectives – use of the whole channel orchestra (paid, owned, earned)
  • Deep dive channel strategies, e.g. how to boost brand with YouTube.
    Game of content

Phase 01 / DEFINE

Identity. How does it look?

Attract clients with seriously compelling design & identity. We work hard to understand the core of your business, to develop purposeful branding that reveals your strategic vision, satisfies customer desires, magnifies internal aspirations, feels relevant and looks beautiful. This shows the world who you really are.


  • Development of new corporate identities with a focus on B2B and German SME.
  • B2C? Culture?
  • Translate product/strategic/market vision into tangible, scaleable brand experiences.


  • Infuse an existing channel, brand etc. with interesting, lively and fresh ideas (e.g. to convince stakeholders or investors)
  • Brand audit and clean up into dynamic design guidelines


  • Digitize a brand for todays digital standards
  • Develop look & feel of different products/service of the same brand
  • MVP — minimum lovable product
  • Brand incubation to maturity (hatching the brand from MVP to scale)

Brand Orchestration

  • Employer branding
  • Brand architecture
  • Scaleable design systems and brand hub as central single source of truth
  • Application of design system to touch point orchestra from in-house to client facing
  • Brand training, enabling and capability building for in-house marketing and design teams

Phase 02 / Develop

Experience. How does it feel?

Reinvent customer experience with gorgeous digital solutions and communications. Convert interest into impact with high performing websites, modern digital systems and services that delight users with memorable and productive interactions. We know technology, but prefer human experience. This defines how we help you realise your vision. Leave a positive trace.


  • Develop new or improve existing services, from B2B dashboards to B2C commodity solutions
  • Apps and mobile optimised service solutions
  • Prototyping, user testing und optimisation, UI and UX design


  • Identify opportunities for ideas, services, products or business models and develop MVPs to generate insights and further iterate
  • Build, measure, learn with Marketing MVP, Service MVP, Proof of concept MVP, Market readyness MVPs


  • Initial and detailed concept
  • Wireframing, design
  • Copywriting and visual assets
  • UX/UI design
  • Technical concept
  • Programming
  • (RE)launch


  • Developing and prototyping a design vision as a north star for the future


  • Onboarding, launch, integration, transformation and change communication (workshops, campaigns, etc)
  • Mature processes, get things done, staff in-house experts ie. P.O., Programmers, teams
  • Capability building: Enable, guide, train and mentor client teams
    Board presentations to ensure stakeholder buy-in at highest level


  • Develop ideas and create of cross-media concepts, from organic social media content to films and other content for your day-to-day communication, e.g. snackable content, editorial content, photo- & video, 3D & animation, live and real-time content


  • Develop ideas and concepts for multichannel campaigns
  • Atomised campaigns to cater the needs of diverse needs (performance campaign)
  • Developing campaign landing pages


  • develop and design products and packaging
A portrait of Sebastian Irrgang, the founder of TRNSFRMNG and Strategy Creative Director. Expert in Brand Orchestration and strategic brand building.

Sebastian Irrgang

Founder / Strategy Creative Direction

TRNSFRMNG is you and us and this.

A portrait of Emilia Schmidt, responsible for Art Direction at TRANSFORMING COMMUNICATIONS. She specializes in content and campaigning and its implementation.

Emilia Schmidt

Art Direction

TRNSFRMNG is your creative Schweizer Taschenmesser.

A portrait of Oliver Klein, the strategist at TRNSFRMNG agency.

Oliver Klein


TRNSFRMNG means laying the foundation for tomorrow.

Ein Portrait von Randi Kitlitz, welche auf Project Management bei TRNSFRMNG spezialisiert ist.

Randi Kittlitz

Project Management

TRNSFRMNG is growing flames from sparks.

Ein portrait von Nik Tormin, welcher bei TRNSFRMNG für Design, Motion Graphics und Vibes zuständig ist.

Nik Tormin

Design / Motion Graphics

TRNSFRMNG is digital ascension.

Ein Portrait von Paulina Raczkowska, welche beio TRNSFRMNG für "User Experience" und "User Interface" Design zuständig ist.

Paulina Raczkowska

UI Design

TRNSFRMNG is based in Germany. I am on the other side of the globe. No problem.



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