How do you bring complex and strategic infrastructure planning and foresight projects and data together?
Through a one-stop digital hub.

Strategy and infrastructure planning delivered in real time


Along with our partner agency Communication Works we designed and programmed the one-stop hub of the association of supra-regional gas transmission companies in Germany

for gas infrastructure and future gas-based technologies to inform major stakeholders from politics and public about the state of the German gas network and what to do with it in the future.

Responsive logo system

A new dynamic logo was created, scaled over three levels and optimised to the respective digital end formats. A brand audit of all client material helped refresh, simplify and unify FNBs communication resulting in a brand manual, enabling the client and its partner agencies to bring further continuity into its design.




To be accessible from everywhere we set a focus on the customers needs and pushed the responsiveness of the fnb website.

Complex website construction

It was critical to create a website that presents the extensive, strategic process of the network development plan in real time, whilst maintaining a transparent and flexible approach for press publications and content.


Report templates

Newly created templates including a fresh infographic style, font matrix and an illustration pool facilitating how FNBs reports will be designed in the future.


Visual Storytelling

Complex strategic and political processes require creative content production systems. Numerous illustrations, dynamic infographics and interactive maps about the gas network and hydrogen energy will now feed it.


A dynamic content hub, as a stable waypoint for key players to understand a complex situation through clear and concise UX, design and communications.